Dolakha Region

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Dolakha Region is bordered by the Sun Kosi River on the west and the Khimti Khola River on the eastern edge. It is divided unequally by the River Tama Koshi, proportionately two thirds to the west of the river and one third to the east.

To the north east lies the impressive Rolwaling Himal to the western edge of which are such peaks as Gauri Shankar and Melungtse. Gauri Shankar is synonymous with the god Shiva and his consort Parvati. It is thus named because the Nepalese believe that the closeness of its two mounds are like the closeness of husband and wife.

The Khimti Khola drains down from a region of five lakes called Panch Pokhari. They have a specifc place in legend and go by the names of Mohi (buttermilk), Jata (hair), Dudh (milk), Bahula (insane) and Bhut (ghost).

Dolakha Bazaar, known as Abhayapur in ancient history, is considered as the jewel of the district. Located 4km east from Charikot, Dolakha Bazaar houses a famous temple of Bhimeshwor, also known as Bhimsen Temple. A mammoth stone pillar erected on the temple premises is a wonder in itself.

Many believe that there will be political change or natural disasters in case the statue of Bhimeshwor sweats.

Dolakha Bazaar is full of heritage sites dating back to Lichchhavi, Malla and Shah Dynasties featuring monuments, traditional architectures, old-style Newari settlement, their tradition, culture and language. Dolakha Bazaar also has a homestay with traditional Newari style along with around 15 hotels.

Charikot is located at nearly 2,000 m to the northeast of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and can be reached in a 5 hours drive by Jeep. The Arniko Highway, the road to Tibet, descends from Dhulikhel to the valley of the Sun Koshi, offering a scenic view of parts of the Himalaya range.

Kalinchok is a dreamland for nature lovers and religious tourists. It is 17km from Charikot and has high altitude forests, colourful settlements, brooks and terraced farmlands.

Sitting at an altitude of 3,842 metres above sea level, Kalinchok provides a good view of Rolwaling and Langtang mountain ranges. One can have spectacular sunrise and sunset views from here.

Shailung Danda probably comes only second to Kalinchok as a destination to enjoy snowfall. Tourist flow is on the rise in Shailung with road connectivity and development of basic facilities. There are innumerable hilltops on a spacious flat land.

Jiri, once the entry point of Everest region located 55km east from Charikot, is impatient to welcome tourists in its serene ambience. The local hotel association had offered a 50 percent discount in hotels and lodges to lure the visitors.

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