Dolakha Bhimsen

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Dolakha Bhimsen is 133km east from Kathmandu. This temple is located in Charkiot, the district headquarter of Dolakha. It is the oldest temple of Dolakha. It is a small hilly district, 4.5 km east from Charikot bazar, situated in the lap of Mt. Gauri Shankar, regarded as the abode of Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati. People call this temple as Bhimeshwor temple. It is said that the legendary hero, Bhimsen spent his 12 years exile in Dolakha.

The roofless temple has a triangular shaped stone statue of lord Bhimsen. The first one is the Bhimsen himself, second is the goddess Bhagawati and the third is Shiva. It is even told that 12 porters put three stones making oven while preparing their food.

Local people believe that the main shrine of the temple sweats if the country faces any crisis. Because of the belief, thousands of people visit and perform puja every Tuesdays and Saturdays by the Newars who regard Bhimeshwor as their family deity.

Kathmandu to Dolakha Bhimsen Jeep Rental is the best way to travel. You can travel in comfort by 4WD jeep to reach the destination. We request you to book a 4 wheeler jeep on the route because of the bad road condition. You can leave Kathmandu as per your wish to reach Dolakha Bhimsen.

Limited people and the mode of transfer makes your travel fun. You can make a stop on the way for lunch as per your wish. Or also can take a stop to take the scenic picture of the different landscapes before reaching Dolakha.

A private jeep hire can accommodate up to 7 people. So, as we said earlier, you can form a group of 6 to 7 travelers heading to Dolakha Bhimsen.