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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, is a form of self-regulation that reflects a business’s accountability and commitment to contributing to the well-being of communities and society through various environmental and social measures.

It’s increasingly important for companies to have a socially conscious image. Consumers, employees, and stakeholders prioritize CSR when choosing a brand or company, and they hold corporations accountable for effecting social change with their beliefs, practices, and profits.

While startups and small companies don’t have the deep financial pockets that enterprises have, their efforts can have a significant impact, especially in their local communities.

Kathmandu Car Services is considered to have one of the best integrated CSR strategies among the companies in Nepal. We considerable CSR undertakings in the four main areas of community empowerment, tourism, and health.

Environmental Efforts: Our primary focus of CSR is the environment. Businesses have large carbon footprints, regardless of size. Any steps a company can take to reduce its footprint is considered good for both the company and society.

Free Health Camp: Every year we do the free health camp in the remote areas of Nepal. Free Health Camp was organized by Hands for Nepal (HFN) with the sponsorship by our CSR funding. The camp was to provide minimum health care services to the vulnerable families in Dolakha, Baglung, & Kalikot.