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Private Helicopter Charter
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Looking for a helicopter charter in Nepal, you will find many helicopter agencies providing the facility you are seeking for. Nepal, being the land of the Himalayas, Mountains, and Hills is quite difficult to explore without heli transportation facilities.

A helicopter charter offers a fast and efficient way to connect airports and cities; or to reach remote destinations and events, while avoiding ground traffic. We offer private helicopter transfers on top of our on-demand private flights with the objective to make your journeys hassle-free.

We partner with some of the most reliable Nepalese helicopter charter companies like Fishtail Air so that we can always guarantee a reliable connection to your favourite destinations.

As a local operator, we arrange private heli transfers from Kathmandu by connecting with all car hire destinations in Nepal.

KCS offers comprehensive private aviation services including helicopter transfers, at the best price on the market. A helicopter tour from KCR’s is perfect for special occasions, business networking, corporate travel, romantic dates, family fun, corporate heli transfers, leisure and business trips, real estate research and more.

Have you ever dreamt of the adventurous journey to Everest Base Camp by Helicopter including the Himalayan region of Nepal? Then come and join us, we will make your dream comes true in a thrilling private helicopter charter. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with a reasonable cost is the luxurious way to explore the beauty of Khumbu region of Nepal.

The Everest Heli Mountain Flight is one of the most famous activities in Nepal. A helicopter tour to Everest takes you to the base of the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest (8,848 m). The Everest Helicopter Tour is a perfect option for anyone to reach Kalapattar within a limited time.

Our vehicle agency regulates various helicopter transfers in the Everest region. These helicopter transfer are available at any time of the year. Therefore, you can plan a scenic mountain helicopter flight to the Everest region.

Helicopter charters in Nepal offer a unique and essential service, providing access to the country’s most remote and rugged terrains. Here’s an in-depth look at the significance and offerings of helicopter charters in this beautiful Himalayan nation:

  1. Accessibility and Convenience: Nepal’s topography is marked by the towering peaks of the Himalayas, rolling hills, and deep valleys. Many areas are inaccessible by road, and those that are can be treacherous and time-consuming to navigate. Helicopter charters provide a vital link to these regions, offering a quick and reliable mode of transportation for tourists, locals, and professionals alike.
  2. Tourism and Sightseeing: Nepal is a haven for adventurers and nature lovers. Helicopter charters cater to tourists who wish to experience the grandeur of the Himalayas without the physical demands of trekking. From the Everest Base Camp tour to the Annapurna and Langtang Valley tours, these flights offer breathtaking aerial views of some of the world’s highest peaks and most picturesque landscapes.
  3. Medical and Emergency Services: In emergencies, especially in high-altitude or hard-to-reach areas, helicopter charters are often the only means of rapid medical evacuation. They are crucial for saving lives, whether it’s transporting sick or injured trekkers to hospitals in Kathmandu or responding to natural disasters.
  4. Business and Cargo Transport: Helicopter charters also support various businesses by transporting cargo to areas without road access. This service is essential for the development and sustenance of remote communities.
  5. Pilgrimage and Cultural Tours: Nepal is home to several sacred sites and cultural landmarks. Helicopter charters offer pilgrimage tours to revered destinations like Muktinath, ensuring a safe and swift journey for devotees.
  6. Rescue and Research: Helicopter services are indispensable for search and rescue operations in the mountains. They also facilitate research by providing access to otherwise unreachable locations for scientific studies.
  7. Safety and Training: Safety is paramount in helicopter operations. Pilots undergo rigorous training, especially for high-altitude flights, and companies adhere to strict safety protocols to ensure the well-being of passengers and crew.
  8. Booking and Customization: Charter services are highly customizable, catering to the specific needs of clients. Whether it’s a private tour, a corporate event, or a critical mission, helicopter companies work closely with clients to plan and execute flights that meet their requirements.

In conclusion, helicopter charter in Nepal are more than just a luxury; they are a necessity that bridges the gap between the remote corners of the country and the rest of the world.

Yes, Kathmandu Car Services does provide helicopter charter services in Nepal. We offer a comprehensive range of private aviation services, including helicopter transfers, to make your journeys hassle-free. Our partner with reliable Nepalese helicopter charter companies to ensure a dependable connection to your favorite destinations.

Whether it’s for a scenic mountain flight to the Everest region, a special occasion, business networking, corporate travel, or even an adventurous journey to Everest Base Camp, Kathmandu Car Services can arrange it for you.

Our helicopter charter services are suitable for people of all age groups and those with physical disabilities, ensuring safe and comfortable flights. They also provide emergency evacuation and medical aid, highlighting their commitment to passenger well-being.