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Charikot is the headquarters of Dolakha District in the Janakpur Zone. It is North-East Nepal, the gateway to discover the off-beaten paths of the Gaurishankar conservation area. The name Gaurishankar comes from the god “Shankar” which is another name for Lord Shiva, and his consort “Gauri.” It’s said that the two of them danced on top of the mountain.

Dolakha, an old trading town is most famously known for the Bhimsen Temple which can be dated back to the 7th century. Bhimsen is known to be the Deity of traders and travelers. It is believed that when the statue `sweats`, perspiring on the left side, bad omens are brought upon the people. Whatever the case, Dolakha is a beautiful town with many local traditions to be seen.

It is located around 4km from Charikot and can be reached via private transport or the local bus. However most prefer to walk the distance on a locally used trail just parallel to the main road. This small hike will take 1-2hrs one way depending on your speed. It is a perfect short trip for children as well.

At an altitude of 3810m, Kalinchowk is the highest point in the vicinity. Spectacular 360 degree views of the Gauri Shankar range and the whole region can be seen.

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