Kalinchowk Jeep Rental

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Whether you are looking for Kalinchowk Jeep Rental on a budget, or you want to rent a luxury car for a special event, Kathmandu Car Services will have the hire a car for you.

Kalinchowk is known as the snowy paradise of Nepal and is located 3,842m above sea level in Dolakha district. Kalinchowk is a rural municipality, home to amazing scenery, cozy resorts on snowy hills, and the famous Bhagwati Shrine.

Snowfall in Kalinchowk happens mainly at the end of December and lasts till the end of February and Mid March. All the surrounding of Kalinchowk hill and the Kuri Village is covered with snow blanket. During the snowfall time, jeep, buses, and cars are tough to ride to the top of the Kuri village.

Kalinchowk is a quick city escape which lies in Dolakha district. It is about 132 kilometers from Kathmandu to Charikot, 18 km off road up to Kuri Village where hotels are located. The trail is full of mesmerizing views of rivers, streams, waterfalls, forests and snow capped mountains. Gaurishankhar mountain seen from Kalinchowk, Charikot, Nepal.

During the warmer months, temperatures in Kalinchowk can rise to a maximum of 29℃ (84℉). In the winter months, it can get down to as low as 1℃ (34℉) at night.

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Our service doesn’t include the commission of third-party agents so costs for hiring are eventually cheap and better than other rental providers. We offer a good condition Jeep for your trip with an experienced driver. The road condition Kathmandu to Kalinchowk requires an experienced driver.