Upper Mustang

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Are you seeking an exciting adventure that’s suitable for all ages? Then look no further than Upper Mustang Jeep Rental. This breathtaking region is home to numerous unforgettable highlights, including the mesmerizing Lo-Manthang village, stunning landscapes, and the awe-inspiring Muktinath Temple.

To elevate your Upper Mustang tour experience, why not rent a Toyota Land Cruiser? This top-of-the-line vehicle is one of the most exclusive and expensive options available in Nepal. Moreover, Upper Mustang is renowned as the Last Forbidden Kingdom in the trans-Himalayan region of Nepal.

A Jeep tour is a fun and hassle-free way to explore all the hidden corners of Mustang. Revel in the stunning vistas as you traverse rough roads, and discover ancient monasteries and historical caves throughout your journey.

At Kathmandu Car Rental Services, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best accommodation and transportation services available. Our experienced and highly trained drivers will ensure your safe and comfortable passage to Mustang and back, and you can tailor the trip length according to your preferences.

Embarking on an Upper Mustang Jeep Tour will offer you an extravagant overland drive through some of Nepal’s most remote sections. This is the perfect choice for those who don’t want to trek long distances but still wish to explore the region’s natural and cultural treasures. With this option, you can visit numerous destinations in a limited time frame while traveling in absolute comfort and luxury.

It’s worth noting that Upper Mustang is a rain shadow area and is best visited between August to mid-December or February to May. To enter the region, trekkers will need a special trekking permit and must be accompanied by a certified guide.

Also, please note that we require a minimum of two persons to run the trip, and we can operate it as either self-driven or chauffeur-driven.