Dang Car Rental

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Whether you are looking for Dang Car Rental on a budget, or you want to rent a 4WD vehicle for a special event, Kathmandu Car Services will have the hire a car for you.

Dang District is a district of Lumbini Province located in the Inner Terai of midwestern Nepal. Deukhuri valley of the district is the capital of the province and is the second largest valley of Asia.

Dang is situated in the Mid-western region of Nepal. The valley is rich in ancient temples, varied ethnic groups, places with immense historical values, languages, landscapes, lakes, and varied biological flora and fauna. The bordering districts to the north are Pyuthan, Rolpa, Salyan, to the south is Utterpradesh of India, to the east are Argakhachi, Kapilvastu and to the west are Surkhet, Banke.

Ghorahi is the district headquaters of Dang. It measures about 90 km east-west length and average width of 72 km North-south.

The driving time from Kathmandu to Dang by private car can vary depending on traffic conditions, road quality, and the route taken. Generally, it takes around 9-10 hours to cover the distance of approximately 358 kilometers (222 miles) between the two places by car. However, the actual driving time can be more or less depending on the factors mentioned above.