Famous Waterfalls


Famous Waterfalls Around Kathmandu Valley

Nepal is a hidden paradise for nature buffs and the adventurous souls who are looking for an escape from a hectic life to nature’s lap. Kathmandu is not only the capital city but also one of the biggest cities in Nepal. There are a lot of Hidden Water Paradise Around Kathmandu.

Apart from being an adventurous paradise, Kathmandu is also home to the magnificent hidden waterfalls which are closed in among the deep George. Despite being rich in pleasant mountain climate and unmatching natural beauty, it has many hidden waterfall destinations that pleasure the traveler.

There are many rivers, lakes, streams, cascades, etc which attracts the traveler very much but apart from that waterfall is also a reason that travelers travel to enjoy it.

Nepal is a naturally beautiful country with high mountains and a diverse landscape of lush greenery and exotic vegetation.

Kathmandu has a ton of alternatives, from historical sites to hiking trails for a day trip or a week-long culture trip. But that’s not all. When it comes to breathtaking natural scenery and landscapes, Kathmandu has them too. Kathmandu Car Services shares five waterfalls around Kathmandu Valley that are worth your while.

Tindhare Jharana (Waterfalls) – Hidden Gem of Kavre

since 2020. This gorgeous waterfall is located in the Roshi Municipality Kavrepalanchok district. Tindhare means three water streams and Jharana means waterfall so Tindhare Jharana represents the three water streams waterfall. A day tour of this amazingly viral location is called Tindhara Jharana Tour.

This beautiful waterfall is also called the Bahubali Jharana because it exactly looks like the waterfall in the movie Bahubali. Tindhare Jharana is around 350m tall and the fall looks really stunning while the water flows down. And greenery around the fall during the summer season makes this area even more attractive. However, this place is unknown till 2020, when coronavirus hits all over the world, and Nepal is also badly affected.

Short drive from Kathmandu will take you to Dhulikhel in Kavre via Banepa. From Dhulikhel, another drive in the Sindhuli-Dhulikhel highway segment will take you to Jaruwakhola after approximately 35 Km drive. Finally, after reaching Jaruwakhola one needs to hike for around 1-2 hours to reach this beautiful destination.

Jhor Waterfall – Tokha

Jhor Waterfall is a natural waterfall that lies in Tokha, Kathmandu. Moreover, the waterfall is on the northern side of the Kathmandu Valley. The Waterfall is surrounded by beautiful monuments of Hindu religions. This includes a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is Barundeshor Mahadev Temple which lies alongside the Tokha Jhor Waterfall. Meanwhile, the temple remains crowded during the Shrawn month of the Nepali Calendar.

The beautiful Jhor Waterfall originates from Shivapuri Jungle. Moreover, the presence of Barundeshor Mahadev Temple beside the waterfall adds beauty to the place. The waterfall lies on the way from Samakhusi to Trisuli Bazaar of Nuwakot.

The flow of water at the waterfall is smaller in the winter seasons compared to that of the summer seasons. As the waterfall lies a short distance from the Ring Road of Kathmandu Valley, this waterfall attracts most of the internal tourists during the summer seasons.

Located at the beautiful Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, Jhor waterfall is 10 km away from the Samakhusi Chowk at Ring Road of Kathmandu Valley. Moreover, religious monuments and temples near the waterfall attract many tourists to this area. This is a renowned waterfall along Sundarijal Waterfall for visitors near Kathmandu Valley who want to experience Waterfall.

Meanwhile, the natural spring water helps travelers beat the summer’s heat. Similarly, this place is a popular destination for hiking as well. This place is a beautiful and serene destination to escape from the hustling life of Kathmandu City.

Mohini Jharana, Kulekhani: Hidden Gem of Makawanpur

Located between Hetauda (approximately 60 KM) and Kathmandu (approximately 50 KM), Mohini Waterfall is a hidden gem that is easily accessible for visitors. The destination is located in the southwest direction from Kathmandu and is gaining popularity among locals and foreigners alike.

The waterfall is trending on social media platforms, and hundreds of visitors come every week to witness its beauty. The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery and offers visitors the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the region.

Visitors can also enjoy swimming in the natural pool created by the waterfall. The sound of the waterfall and the serene environment make it an ideal place for those seeking a peaceful and calm environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This place is just amazing, once will be not enough. I recommend all of you go on weekends for refreshments, and please don’t throw your rubbish there. Nature is beautiful, and please save it and clean it. A trip to Mohini Jharana can be a great option for those who want to do a day trip on rent a jeep in around Kathmandu.