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Pharping is a small town lying above the Bagmati river on the southern edge of the Kathmandu valley, about 23 km from the capital.

Pharping has several amazing day hikes, a bazillion Buddhist monasteries, giant statues of ancient gurus, Hindu temples, stupas by the dozen, and is home to the first hydro power plant in Nepal and the second in all of Asia! Today, Pharping is most famous for its plethora of Buddhist monasteries.

There are so many places to see. I’d recommend checking out a few of the major religious sites like the original Dakshinkali Temple, the new Dakshinkali Temple, Asura Cave, Yanglesho Cave. See several of the monasteries and the Ringpoche Guru statue.

There so many Buddhist monasteries here? It’s believed that a few small caves in the area were the meditation places of popular gurus. Two of these caves are the Phamting Vajrayogini Temple (Asura Cave) and Yanglesho Cave. Some Buddhists believe that meditating in or near these sacred spots increases the meditative experience and helps them to reach enlightenment quicker.

There are three major day hikes. The first goes to a Tamang cremation ground, a football field, Asura Cave, and into town. The second goes to Champa Devi which is a popular day hike from Kathmandu. The third goes to Dudjom Nadrom Choling Monastery, Hattiban Resort, and back to town.