Kodari Tatopani Area

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Kodari is a small village located at the border with Tibet-China. Kodari is at the end of Arniko Highway which connects Kodari with Kathmandu which is 115 KM away from Kodari. It is a border crossing from Nepal into the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Kodari is a part of Tatopani, which was a Village development committee (from 1990-2017). Kodari is now part of Bhotekoshi rural municipality in Sindhupalchok District of Bagmati Province. The other side is the town Zhangmu, Dram or Khasa, situated in Nyalam County, Shigatse Prefecture of the Tibet.

Kodari Tatopani border was used for both good transportation and travelers/tourist who visit one of the famous trekking routes Kailash. But currently this border is opened only for good transfers only. Tourist won’t be able to use this border till further notice.

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There are available for helicopters transfers in and out from Kodari (Tatopani), Kodari- Kathmandu-Kodari.