Samagaun Heli Transfers

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Whether you are looking for Samagaun Heli Transfers on a budget, or you want to rent a B3 private helicopter for a special event. Kathmandu Car Services will have the helicopter ride for you.

Set in the northern Himalayan range in the Gorkha District of Nepal, Manaslu is a serrated “wall of snow and ice hanging in the sky”. The Manaslu region encompasses the sub-tropical foothills of the Himalaya to the arid Trans-Himalayan high pastures bordering Tibet. Nepal, as a mountainous country, does not have a robust transportation infrastructure. The remote hills have rudimentary or no road transport. So, if you want to enjoy the aerial views of Nepal in a short time, helicopter transfers are for you.

Nepal is home to 1,310 peaks with heights of over 6,000m. So, it will take years, if not decades, to climb these mountains. Hence, the only way to enjoy the views of these mountains is by helicopter.

Imagine flying over the lofty mountains and witnessing the greatness and unexplained beauty of nature. This stunning Himalayan country is definitely worth a Helicopter ride. Taking a Manaslu helicopter transfers is a great opportunity to look its beauty as a falcon. The Samagaun helicopter transfers is best for travelers who are bounded and want to experience the best within a limited time.

Samagaun Heli Transfers is a superb excursion that lets you stroll along with the religious communities in remote and unsolicited conditions. Embark on a journey into the lap of Mt. Manaslu and a hidden valley of Samagaun with a fantastic helicopter flight.

Manaslu region is a restricted area of Nepal; therefore, you need to obtain a special permit (Restricted Area Permit) for this region. Moreover, solo trekking is not allowed in this region. There have to be two people to hike in this region, and a local trekking guide should guide them.

October to November are the perfect seasons to heli transfers to Manaslu region.