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Dhangadi is a city in the far western region of Nepal. It is located in the Kailali district and is the largest city in the Sudurpashchim Province of Nepal. Dhangadi on the border of Uttar Pradesh state, India near the village Gauriphanta. Dhangadhi was established in 1976 and is divided into 14 wards.

Most of the people of this region speak Tharu language as their first language which is followed by Nepali, Doteli, Acchami, Magar, Maithili, and also Hindi. Being in the Terai region, the temperature can get extremely hot in the summer.

The highest temperature ever recorded in Dhangadhi was 46.4°C. Dhangadhi city is the second hottest place after Nepalgunj. The land is fertile and easy to irrigate. So, many of the people are engaged in agriculture while some are engaged in government works and business.

The travel time from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi depends on the mode of transportation you choose.

  • By air: The fastest way to travel from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi is by air. There are several airlines that operate daily flights between these two cities. The flight duration is approximately 1 hour.
  • By road: If you are traveling by road, the distance between Kathmandu and Dhangadhi is around 700 kilometers. The travel time can vary depending on the route, traffic conditions, and mode of transportation. It can take anywhere from 16 to 20 hours by bus or private vehicle.

There are several interesting places to visit near Dhangadhi. Here are some of the popular travel destinations:

Suklaphanta National Park: This is a protected area located in the Terai region of Nepal, about 30 km west of Dhangadhi. The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including tigers, leopards, elephants, and swamp deer. The reserve is a popular destination for birdwatching and jungle safaris.

Godawari Botanical Garden: Located about 20 km from Dhangadhi, this botanical garden is a popular destination for nature lovers. The garden is home to a variety of plants and trees, including a large collection of orchids.

Ghodaghodi Lake: This is a beautiful freshwater lake located about 35 km from Dhangadhi. The lake is surrounded by lush green forests and is a popular destination for boating and birdwatching.

Tikapur Park: This is a small park located about 20 km from Dhangadhi. The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, monkeys, and birds. It is also a popular destination for picnics and day trips.

Khaptad National Park: The Park is located in the Far-western region of Nepal. The park was gazetted in 1984 covering an area of 225 sq. km. The area of buffer zone is 216 sq.km. The park is the only mid-mountain national park in western Nepal, representing a unique and important ecosystem.

The late Khaptad Swami moved to the area in 1940’s to meditate and worship. He spent about 50 years as a hermit and became a renowned spiritual saint.