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Hemja is a former Village Development Committee in the north of Pokhara in Kaski District in the Gandaki Province of northern-central Nepal. Hemja is located only 25 kilometres away from the Pokhara lakeside, it is very accessible from the city.

Located near a Tibetan camp at Kaski district, there is a steel cliff from where you will jump. It is as high as 80 meters and there is an artificial pond which is 20 meters deep. 30 to 40 people can indulge in the activity in a day.

Once you jump, touch the water below which will leave your heart throbbing like never before. The views of the surroundings are truly mesmerizing which will add to the thrill. The location of Bungy Jumping in Pokhara is not far away from the central city. It is located 25 mins away from the scenic town from Pokhara.

Whether you are doing the jump with a friend or solo, it will be an out-of-the-world experience. After jumping from the cliff, you will float in the air for some time and then splash into the water below.

Once you are done you will be picked up by a boat. The experience will leave you awestruck!. The private car from Kathmandu to Hemja takes 6:30 hours. It is around 225 km driving distance between Kathmandu and Hemja.

Rent a car saves your time and could either equal to or slightly more expensive than hiring a private car for throughout the day. Being one of the renowned and service-oriented car hire company, our main aim is to satisfy our customers with all the travel related services.