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Sankhu is the ancient Newari town located in the north-eastern corner of Kathmandu Valley. Which is about 17 km drive from the city center of Kathmandu.

The oldest inscription found in Sankhu is dated 538 AD which is dated to the Licchavi Period. The inscription was written by the king Vamanadeva. The city was built on a trade route form Kathmandu to Kuti, Shigatse and Lhasa in Tibet.

Sankhu is a favourite tourist destination in Nepal, due to its history and many spectacular sights and attractions. The Changunarayan Temple and the Salinadi River (a holy river in the Hindu religion) are two other very important and breathtaking sights.

This charming destination in Nepal has a wonderful mixture of culture, tradition, history and spectacular beauty to share with visitors. It is guaranteed to be a rewarding experience and is a recommended town to visit when in Nepal.

This village town can be reached by a private car with an hour and a half from the Kathmandu City. You will find the old city village with beautiful temples, squares, water fountains.

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