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Whether you are looking for Car Rentals Nagarkot on a budget, or you want to rent a luxury car for a special event, Kathmandu Car Services will have the rentals car for you.

Nagarkot is such a mesmerizing destination that every generation once in their life prefers to go there. It is only 32km away from the capital of Nepal. Most of the time, travellers favour seeing the sunrise and the sunset at Nagarkot.
If you’re looking for peace, relaxation and bretahtaking views of the Himalayas, then should take the time to visit Nagarkot.

Nagarkot is a wonderful place to escape the hustle and bustle of the everyday world and to relax in a truly breathtaking area. The lack of things to do in Nagarkot is what helps make it such a popular place and what draws in tourists from far and wide.

As it is so much closer to the Himalayas, you benefit from wonderful views of the mountain range, so long as you go on a clear day. Many hotels offer panoramic views and so do restaurants. It’s a great place to relax with a cup of coffee, read a book, do some yoga and contemplate your life.

If you’re looking for longer hiking opportunities in Nagarkot, then the most popular one is the Sankhu to Nagarkot Trek. If you’re looking to spot Mount Everest, but don’t fancy and expensive trek, then it is possible to see the famous mountain from Nagarkot.

Nagarkot is a very unique and worth place to visit. October to April is the best time for visiting this place. It offers many adventurous activities also. It is a prominent tourist spot in Nepal and is visited by many tourists as well.

As long as it’s a clear day, then you get to experience breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountain range that stretches along your entire view north.

Car Rental from & to Nagarkot

Nagarkot to Kathmandu Airport Distance 29 Kms  1 Hours
Nagarkot to Hyatt Regency Distance  33 Km  1:10 Hours
Nagarkot to Thamel Distance  35 Km  1:20 hours
Nagarkot to Lalitpur Distance  35 Km  1.30 Hours
Nagarkot to Dhulikhel Distance  29 Km  1:40 Hour
Nagarkot to Bhaktapur Distance  12 Km 30 Minutes
Nagarkot to Pokhara Distance  225 Km  6:30 Hours
Nagarkot to Chitwan Distance  156 Km  6.00 Hours
Nagarkot to Lumbini  312 Km  10 Hours
Nagarkot to Chandragiri Hills Distance  39 Km  2:00 Hours
Nagarkot to Manakamana Cable Car  113 Km  5:00 Hours
Nagarkot to Dakshainkali Temple  43 Km 2:30 Hours
Nagarkot to Janakpur Distance  215 Km  6 Hours

Nagarkot Car Rental FAQs

How do I make a booking on your website?

Go on the website and choose your destionation and transfer destination and transfer time.

What information do I need in order to book?

Its a easy process.. you may search the destionation to transfer from Kathmandu Airport then booking engine will display the available vehicles and choose the right vehilces for your

Can I take the rental car into India & Bhutan ?

This is usually allowed but it will take 2/3 days to take a road permit with authorize the cross border. Therefore, always state your request at the time of booking or at the rental desk to avoid additional fines. Extra costs can be applicable.

How many hours do i use a car for Private Tours?

The calculation of a private day tours is based on 8 hours. A full day is charged for any portion of a day that the vehicle is used then the cost will be +.

How about the self driving services in Nepal?

We are not providing the self driving vehicle in Nepal, because of road condition and not strong low and order system.

What types of vehicles do you offer?

Now we have morethan 10 international Vehicle brands. We normally offer Sedan car, SUV, Jeep (2WD/4WD), Van (Mini / Big), Bus (Mini/Big), and Land Cruiser.

How old are the rental vehicles?

Normally, the rental vehicles are not older than 4 years. Kathmandu Car Services often update their fleet in order to provide you with the best quality cars.

Do you provide any other services besides car rentals?

Yes, We provide all travel services including air tickets, tour packages, private helicopter service, 4wd adventure trip, hotel booking etc besides car & jeep rentals.

Destinations Private Shared
Bhaktapur $55
Boudhanath Road $70
Budhanilkantha $85
Chandragiri Hills $95
Dakshinkali Temple $95
Dhulikhel Car Rental $95
Kathmandu Airport $65
Kirtipur $80
Lakeside Pokhara $210
Manakamana Temple $135
Manthali Airport $175
Meghauli, Chitwan $215
Patan, Lalitpur $75
Pokhara Airport $195
Sauraha $195
Thamel $70