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Whether you are looking for Car Rentals Kirtipur on a budget, or you want to rent a luxury vehicles for a special event, Kathmandu Car Services will have the rental car for you.

Nepal is a beautiful country, blessed with nature’s choicest attractions. The city Kathmandu also boasts of remarkable historical and cultural attractions like temples and monuments. The scenic beauty adds a perfect backdrop to these popular car hire destionations in Nepal.

Inside the Kathmandu valley, about 5 kilometers south-west of the Kathmandu city, is the ancient city of Nepal; Kirtipur. The altitude ranges from 1284m to 1524m above sea level. The city gained its name from Sanskrit where ‘Kirti’ means Glory and ‘Pur’ means City. Thus, the name of the city means the city of Glory.

Kirtipur is one of the oldest cities of Nepal and is originally dominated by the Newars. For someone who has only got time to visit Kathmandu, Kritipur is what fits in your list. A short trip, away from the crowd, no entrance fee and you got to know about a classic Newari village that very few people know about.

The Newari settlement of Kirtipur has incredible views and is rich in history, nature and culture. Kirtipur is only 45 minutes drive away from Kathmandu city. Biking is also a good option to reach Kirtipur from Kathmandu since it is not a very long route and is loaded with fun.

Car Rentals Kirtipur provides the private car rental service from Kathmandu to Kirtipur. Remember us for comfort & reasonable price. You can either a rent a vehicle for just a “drop off” service or book for your entire vacation.

Kathmandu Car Services is the leading car rental company in Kathmandu and all over the country.

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