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Godawari is one of the popular hiking destinations in Nepal for its rich wildlife and splendid environment. Godawari is also famous for its botanical garden and Godawari temple (Kunda and navadhara). Mt. Phulchowki is located in Godawari which is the highest peak in Kathmandu valley.

It is one of the famous destinations for rich in wildlife and natural resources. The highest peak in Kathmandu Valley, Phulchoki, is also located here. With the diversity of the natural heritage and the culturally significant sites and shrines.

Godavari is a small village situated at the foot of Phulchoki, at 14 km southeast of Kathmandu. The road of Patan city (9 km) passes through the small scenic Newari town of Harisiddhi, Thaibu and Badegaon, where people still hang chillies and onions on their windows. Godavari is famous for its picnic spots and the Royal Botanical Garden. A fish hatchery, the St. Xavier’s School, and the Phulchowki are part of the landmark of Godavari.

The National Botanical Garden (NBG) was established in 1962 AD (2019 BS). The landscape of this exquisite botanical garden was designed by two British architects: Geoffrey Herklots and Tony Schilling. This garden opens daily from 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM during the month of Mangshir, Poush and Magh (mid-November to mid-February) and from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM for the rest of the months.

Visitors can enter this garden by paying the entrance fees. This area is closed for lunch from 1 – 2 pm.